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Child Behaviour Coach 3-Day Training
Do you work with Children and Families?
Do you find yourself working with parents who spend precious time stressed about their children's behaviour and are overwhelmed 

about what to do for the best? 
You may or may not be aware that evidence profoundly shows, parenting is the most influential factor on a child's wellbeing 

and success in life and and that the key information parents need about their children's behaviour is not widely known.

Lucky, there is a  way out of parenting struggles and a vital formula for parenting success that can help make lasting positive 


Having worked tirelessly for years to put this information into a complete parenting programme that is suitable for every parent, 

you can now become a certified Child Behaviour Coach to enable you to offer this programme to the families that you work with.
AND have truly amazing results.
The Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour.
You will be trained following the Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour Programme which is a quality assured, evidence based, 

positive parenting programme that looks at the root of behaviour problems.
Designed for parents of 0-19 year olds who would like help and support to transform their child's behaviour and have more peace at 


This programme has been awarded the CANparent quality mark which is the gold standard for parenting 

programmes in the UK because it has been proven to make a positive difference to families. 

It shows parents how to decrease the stress of simply being a parent, by helping them to solve problems that will only get worse if 

they are left unresolved.
Parents will discover what will make the biggest impact for their family AND make a road map to where they want/need to be 

because they will have the vital information they need about their children's behaviour.
 100% recommended by staff and parents.
See what they are saying..
Outstanding Training
"Full of practical resources and packed by evidence. Really inspiring. Thank you."
 Jacqui Shabankareh
Deputy Headteacher & SENCO
St Peters Primary School Leatherhead.
An Excellant Programme
"Ruth delivered the course to an exceptional standard.  It was very informative and the material was well presented.” 
Richard P – Family Support Worker, Albert Bradbeer Primary School Birmingham.
Fantastic Short Course
“Really Positive – Excited to start working ‘positively’ with parents” Jane Elliker – Deputy Head, Rocklands Special School. 

Deeply Grateful
"Since taking the programme, my partner and I have been able to work together as a whole unit to make everything easier when dealing with everyday problems that may occur. We are deeply grateful and appreciative what this programme has taught us."
Emma (parent from Bristol).
An Excellant Programme
"An excellent programme that guides your own positive nature to fuel your families’ development. The skills will last a life time." 
John (parent from Lichfield).

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In a better place
"This course has helped me to put things into perspective, understand and step back and think about feelings, emotions and reactions. The course has helped me to feel like I am now in a better place." Sue (parent from Rugeley).
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  • Help parents that are struggling with their child's behaviour.
  • Give parents vital information about children's behaviour.
  • Create a permanent shift for families.
  • Be confident and sure that what you are doing really works.
  • Unlock innate parenting skills for more fun and happiness in families lives.
  • Because the way that we parent is the most influential factor on a child's mental health, wellbeing and success in life.
  • This coach training enables you to work directly with parents of 0-19 years in your workplace following the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behaviour evidence based quality assured positive parenting programme.
  • Show parents the root of behaviour problems that make a lasting impact for families.